About us

29 апреля 2009

From the heart of Silicon Valley to your doorstep with ulmost efficiency and no inconvenience to you: this is the BDI Corporation standard.

Our company is a leading re-seller of computer components, networking equipment and accessories. We are also one of the foremost distributors of Supermicro products. As a matter of fact, we are located so close to Supermicro that we often drive right over to verify orders before they even get picked up for shipment. That’s just how we do business.

Since the day BDI Corporation was founded in 2003, we have staunchly maintained a close relationship with national, international and global high-tech manufacturers. In our decade-plus of operation, we have developed a superlative reputation for exporting high-tech parts and products to our customers all over the world — on time and with patent accuracy.

We are fortunate to be so uniquely situated in the core of the high-tech world, within minutes of many major players in the computer industry. This geographic advantage allows us to increase our efficiency and accuracy. That said, we are accurate because it is important to us not to err at any step in the exporting process. We check and recheck every detail and are proud of our painstaking efforts.

These efforts result in accurate documentation between BDI Corporation and the shipper and help avoid dire consequences: you not getting your shipment on time. With BDI Corporation, your order will simply not get lost in transit.

Count on us for personal service, because meeting our customers’ specific needs is job one. We work hard to ensure that maximum attention is paid to each customer request. From packaging to delivery methods, timing and regional specifics, no stone is left unturned.

We also keep our prices low on every product we sell by implementing three basic tenets: long-term cooperation with our vendors, wholesale volume, and low operational cost.

What’s more, our involvement in the secondary market means we will locate new and used surplus equipment to match your requests.

Call us for your computer needs and feel the BDI Corporation touch.

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